Transport Manager Services

Operating Transport is a means to and end for a lot of businesses and not their primary function. Regulations and requirements for Operator Licencing are complex and time consuming.  We can assist you in meeting the Traffic Commissioner’s statutory requirements. A qualified Transport Manager is legally required for the majority of licences. 

  • Restricted licences 
    • No competent Transport Manager required but can still assist in adherence
  • Standard National 
    • Qualified Transport Manager required (National or International)
  • Standard International 
    • Qualified Transport Manager required (International)

You have the option of studying and qualifying yourself, employing a permanent Transport Manager or appointing an External Transport Manager.

We can represent you as an External Transport Manager or we can offer assistance in finding External Transport Managers to represent you.

Fees will be dependant on the size of your fleet and previous ‘O’ licence history (OCRS).

If you would like to discuss what Operator and Driver Support Services can do to support your road transport business, contact us today.

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