CILT Endorsed and Accredited OLAT Courses: Operator Licence awarness Course

Are you a Transport Manager, operator, supervisor, or support staff working in the transportation industry? Are you looking to deepen your understanding of legislative requirements and best practices? Our CILT Endorsed and Accredited One-Day OLAT (Operator Licence Awareness Training) courses offer the ideal solution for you.

Why Choose Our One-Day Operator licence awareness Courses?

Quality Assurance

All our courses are not only endorsed but also registered by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). This endorsement ensures that our courses meet stringent quality standards and will satisfy the Office of the Traffic Commissioner for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements.


Our accredited courses offer a further level of validation. These courses include an online knowledge check consisting of 40 questions, requiring a 75% pass mark to successfully complete the course. Upon successful completion, certification is provided by CILT, an accredited body recognised throughout the UK. Such accredited certificates will satisfy Traffic Commissioners’ requests for proof of course attendance.

Core Topics Covered


Our one-day OLAT courses offer an in-depth look at a range of essential topics that are pertinent to professionals in the transport industry:

Operator Licensing


Understand the complexities of operator licensing to ensure compliance with current UK regulations.

Drivers Hours and Records

Become well-versed in the UK legislative requirements concerning drivers’ working hours and how to maintain accurate records.

Digital Tachograph Use

Master the technology and the legal requirements surrounding digital tachographs to stay compliant.

Driver Licensing

Learn the essentials about the various types of driver licenses and the corresponding UK regulations.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Gain insights into implementing a planned preventative maintenance programme that ensures vehicle safety and compliance with UK laws.

Road Safety and Enforcement

Get educated on the UK’s road safety laws and how enforcement agencies operate.

Who Should Attend?


– Operators
– Transport Managers
– Supervisors
– Trainers
– Transport Operations Staff
– Support Staff

Certification and CPD Compliance


As mentioned, our courses are endorsed by CILT and will meet the criteria laid down by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner for CPD. The accredited courses, backed by an online knowledge check and a certification from CILT, ensure that you are fully compliant with Traffic Commissioners’ attendance requests.



Our CILT Endorsed and Accredited OLAT courses offer a comprehensive one-day training programme that covers essential legislative requirements and best practices for the UK transport industry. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to elevate your professional skills and stay compliant with UK laws. Register for our one-day OLAT courses today.

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