Longer Semi Trailer training - LST

Longer Semi Trailers - LSTs

Since 2012, a trial of longer semi-trailers (LSTs) of up to 15.65 metres has taken place on roads in Great Britain (GB).  The trial has now ended and LSTs have been given the go ahead to be used by all operators.

The maximum length of a longer semi-trailer plus tractor unit is 18.55 metres, marginally shorter than road train combinations allowed in general circulation in the UK and mainland Europe. Until agreement is given that LSTs can be used on international operations, they will be limited to use in the GB (not including Northern Ireland, unless authorised in advance))

New guidance on the use of LSTs – Longer Semi Trailers, includes requirements for driver training, management training, route planning and maintenance.

We can provide…. 

Half day or full day courses for drivers including classroom based and yard-based training or classroom plus yard and on road training.

Half day courses for management/transport office staff including responsibilities.

If you are using LSTs, you will be expected to train all staff involved and retain records.

Our qualified driving instructors have been working with Longer Semi Trailers since the introduction in 2012.  We can provide theory and practical training to ensure your drivers are familiarised with the difference in handling and precautions required when using LSTs.  Our experience can help you reduce potential incidents and lower risk.

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